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Aeration and the right fertilizers keep lawns healthy and a lush green all year long. Soils that are compacted and hard turn lawns brown and yellow in color causing weeds to infest the lawn.

Weeds take a majority of the moisture and water from your lawn to survive causing your lawn to discolor and become unhealthy with no deep rooting. During the hot and cold periods your lawn will develop brownish spots. Aeration reduces compaction and oxidizes your soil to allow the roots to deepen to allow the nutrients they need to be healthy vibrant green. Aerating your lawn twice a year will keep your lawn healthy and reduces thatch build up.

Thatch is accumulation of dead weeds including growing ones and lawn clippings that through the years build up like a mat in the surface of your lawn. Thatch prevents water from getting below the surface to reach the grass roots causing new weed growth, disease, fungus, soil compaction throughout your lawn. Dethatching   is recommended every 2 to 3 years along with seeding to keep a healthy vibrant lawn.

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